Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Wrapup: Week 3 (a bit late!)

Here it is, Monday morning, and it just occurred to me that I never did my weekly wrap-up for last week. So here we go. :)

Latin: We are continuing to love it. We just finished our second review lesson. So far Jamie is still having a blast learning.

Math: We are still reviewing in Horizons. Not much to report--we had a week just about the same as last week. I'm hoping we will get into some new stuff soon.

History: We started learning about the Vikings this week, which Jamie is enjoying. In Geography Songs we did the song about the Middle East. I'm still pondering what to sub in for Windows on the World--I have a few ideas but haven't settled on anything yet.

Read-Aloud: We are reading Ginger Pye. I'm liking this book a lot, and so is Jamie. We have the audiobook on reserve at the library and I am hoping it will come in this week so that we can listen to the chapters--between that and all our history reading, my throat is getting sore! :)

Language Arts: Jamie finished up Prairie School, read Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, and started Riding the Pony Express this week. We have been continuing to work on the "curve letters" in cursive, as well as working with Diamond Notes. He's starting to balk a bit at Diamond Notes now that they're actually making him write sentences--I was hoping that wouldn't happen but I can't say I'm surprised, based on how he has been with creative writing in the past. He can (of course) write creatively all day long when it's at a time and on a topic of his choosing, but for schoolwork? Just forget it, it's like pulling teeth.

Science: Finally, an experiment! I have to say I was confused about the materials list Sonlight gave us for this week. It included a box of pudding and milk when there was no experiment, either on the DVD or in the book, that used them. We did think the experiment with the Jello and the kiwi fruit was pretty cool.

Extracurricular activities: Homeschool bowling club started this week. Originally, we were scheduled to be in the Tuesday at 1 pm club, which would have worked out much better for us schedule-wise. However, only 2 kids signed up for it so they moved us to the Wednesday at 10 club. We can deal with that. Jamie is enjoying it--he's on the bumper league currently, but I think if he keeps improving we will switch to the regular league for the next session.

Hope everyone else had a great week last week!! :)