Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

And wow, I'm up way too early! I guess this is what I get for taking a nap yesterday afternoon and then going to bed before 11! :)

Getting back into the swing of things on Menu Plan Monday. :) This week's menus are pretty simple, I'm not trying too many new things.

Monday: fajita quesadillas (a perennial favorite around here)
Tuesday: chicken cutlets with french fries/mashed potatoes (we have enough leftover mashed potatoes for one person so Steve will probably eat those)
Wednesday: meatloaf (not sure what side dish yet, we have a bunch of frozen veggies in the freezer)
Thursday: Pioneer Woman's lasagna (new dish for us) with garlic bread/salad
Friday: baked mac and cheese (Alton Brown's recipe); meatloaf leftovers for Steve because he doesn't like mac and cheese)
Saturday: hamburgers/french fries (Steve is cooking yay!)
Sunday: CORN/DIY night

So what are you having to eat this week? I'm also currently hard boiling eggs for lunch for myself and Jamie. His pottery class is from 11-12:30 and we're headed to the store immediately afterward so I'm making us bentos to take. There's a park right next to where his class is so hopefully it will be a nice day to sit outside and eat. I am thinking the bentos will have a hard boiled egg each, some mac and cheese from last night, ham and cheese skewers (I'd do sandwiches but we are out of bread!) and some apple slices. Lots of good protein to keep us going through the afternoon. :)


Angela said...

Hi Barbara and welcome back to blogging! I appreciate the tip on the cheese muffins. Did you add garlic powder, or minced garlic? I am looking forward to trying them!

bafleyanne said...

I used garlic powder because it was what I had, but I think minced garlic would work fine too.

Angela said...

Cool thanks! I am making them now.