Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chicken Karaage

Well the Chicken Karaage turned out really nicely last night. Even Jamie ate it with no complaints! I thought it was really good. Next time we have it, I'm going to try adding some garlic to the marinade...I think that will be even better! Just....remind me next time to NOT make something that is involved and has a pan full of oil in the recipe when my garbage disposal is broken. Ugh, cleaning that up was NOT fun.

Tonight's Shepherd's Pie is cooking up as we speak, and there's not much better as far as I'm concerned than the smell of onions and celery sauteeing in butter. Mmm mmm good!

Tomorrow we are heading to a friend's house and hopefully the beach on Friday....thunderstorms are forecast though! Cross your fingers, we'll be really disappointed if we don't get to go. :(


Angela said...

Hope your trip goes well! I've come down with a cold two days before we have guests coming for the weekend, so please keep me in your prayers too :0)