Friday, June 20, 2008

Homeschooling Wrap-up 6/16-6/20

Here's what we did for schoolwork this week.

Reading: finished up "Green Eggs and Ham", started "Little Bear" (grammar worksheets go with these) Yes, these are way below his reading level--the point is more the grammar really.

Read-Alouds: finished up "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (my favorite book this year!)

History/Geography: Wild Places: Deserts continues; this week we learned about nomadic people and how they live.

Science: Everyday Things, we learned how cameras work and how bread, milk, and cheese are made. Science experiment for this week is making play dough and bread dough, which we'll do tomorrow. After we make the play dough we might also make a volcano.

Math: Horizons 1; we continue to work on subtraction to 18, also 3 digit addition, adding 3 2 digit numbers, and time, money, measurement. Jamie struggles with subtraction. I don't know if he needs more drill or just doesn't like it. He does the problems without getting them wrong almost all the time if we can just get him to DO them, so I don't think comprehension is the problem really.

Next week we read some stories in James Herriot's Treasury for Children, and then the following week we start "The House at Pooh Corner". It's our last long book and I'm super excited to read it with him. :) Also next Friday is the day we'll get to order our schoolbooks for next year, yay! I'm going to be doing Core 1 along with a semi-local friend and our kids are going to be doing the activities together, so that should be all kinds of fun. :)