Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, Monday

Good morning!

A couple of things to note. First, I was really sad to hear that George Carlin had died. He was a brilliant comedian and he will definitely be missed. I feel like watching that very first episode of Saturday Night Live just because he hosted it. As awkward as that episode was overall, Carlin's standup made it shine.

Second: Ok so I don't normally do this sort of thing, but this is for a good cause because this little munchkin is my cousin. :) If you feel so inclined, can you please go to and rate the picture of the cute little baby there? That's my cousin John's son Mitchell, he'll be 2 in July. I happen to think he's pretty darn cute even without being biased. ;) They've entered him in the Parents Cover Model Search contest and the top 5 finishers get a free trip to NYC. No pressure but you know, if you feel like it, go check out his picture. :)

Third: It's Menu Plan Monday! :)

My menu plan for the weekend got a little altered because we decided to go out and get pizza on Saturday. So we have basically pushed everything back a day. Here's what this week looks like:

Monday: chicken tenders with sweet potato fries (and regular fries for the boys probably) and salad.
Tuesday: pork chops with broccoli and brown rice
Wednesday: Parmesan Crusted Chicken a la Rachael Ray with green beans and mac and cheese (at least for Jamie, the grownups may have some sort of potatoes)
Thursday: spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad
Friday: burgers and fries (hoping to talk S into cooking because he does awesome burgers) with raw veggies
Saturday/Sunday: we're having Giada's Chicken Cacciatore at least one night. We'll either do a C.O.R.N. (Clean Out Refrigerator Night) or order in the other night.

Trying to be more organized and maybe succeeding! :) Anyway, it's school time, so I've got to run! Bye for now!


Angela said...

Hi Barbara! I like your new site! I will have to check out your old site. And have you tell me how in the world to alter Blogger's templates, which I hate! Your page is gorgeous!

You'll love Giada's chicken cacciatore - have you ever made it before? We love it. And that RR parm chicken is a favorite around our place, too.

Happy Monday!

Lora said...

Hi! Welcome to MPM. Your menus look great! I love pork chops, but hardly ever get to eat them b/c my hubby isn't a fan.

Angela said...

LOL! You and I follow a lot of the same websites and have the same tastes! Menu Plan Monday, Giada's food, Rachael Ray's food, and probably more. I think you said you're also familiar with Pioneer Woman. I LOVE her food!

Angela said...

Thanks for the pointers on the blogger templates! I just know I'm not going to get any work done today, LOL!

Jennifer said...

Your menu sounds fabulous!
Have a blessed week! ♥