Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taking a break

Jamie has been increasingly frustrated with school this week and in turn of course that has made me frustrated. So we've decided that we're going to take next week off from doing schoolwork. (Or rather I decided, I haven't told him yet.) I got to thinking about it and realized he hasn't had a break from school for quite a while. So next week is it, then I am going to try and condense the rest of our schoolwork that I want to do for this year into the remaining few weeks of July and take August completely off. Then we'll be ready to jump back into things come September.

In talking to my friend E. today (the one who is going to be doing Sonlight Core 1 with us in the fall) I came to realize that I've been pushing way too hard on the expectations of "getting everything done", which is possibly (probably) to Jamie's detriment. I really wanted to finish with the Horizons 1 math book before the end of the "school year" but I have come to realize that with nearly 40 lessons to go before we're done that is just not going to happen. So we're going to get as far as we get, and pick it back up when we start Core 1 in the fall, and not worry about it. As far as our Core work is concerned, I am definitely going to read House at Pooh Corner but we are just plain dropping Hero Tales after this week, Jamie hates it so we will do something else instead. We're going to do language arts until we're done with HaPC and then call it quits on that, it's not like it's crucial to do *every* LA lesson.

I think taking a month off is going to be pretty crucial to our well-being and approaching Core 1 with an open mind and heart for getting everything we can out of it. So I'm excited about getting finished up. We're going to finish memorizing "Trees" which we're about halfway through. I'm going to spend the month off finding some good poems for us to memorize for next year because I'm not crazy about doing Bible verses for his memory work just yet.

As for next week, we're planning to spend some time at the pool and seeing some friends, and then on the 4th we're going down to the beach and spend the day. I was thinking of getting a hotel room down there and spending the night but at this late date we probably can't. The 5th is Jamie's birthday, so we will probably do our celebration with S's family that night. We usually go out to eat some place that he picks. :)